Anarhiji naproti

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Main Author: Malatesta Errico
Format: Book
Published: Graphis 1955
Series:Problemi Revolucije
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id ASF1873
institution Imola
building Archivio Storico FAI - Imola
fullrecord 00354nam0a22001331i 45000010005000001000035000052000021000401010008000612150017000697000030000862100040001162250032001564100032001881873 a20110413u u u0frey01031 aAnarhiji naproti0 aslv a77 p.d21 cm 1aMalatestabErrico9id:138 aTrstubTrstucGraphisd19559id:7122 aProblemi Revolucije9id:501 0tProblemi Revolucije9id:501
record_format unimarc
spelling 20110413u u u0frey0103 Anarhiji naproti slv 77 p. 21 cm Malatesta Errico id:138 Trstu Trstu Graphis 1955 id:712 Problemi Revolucije id:501 Problemi Revolucije id:501
language Slovenian
format Book
author Malatesta Errico
spellingShingle Malatesta Errico
Anarhiji naproti
Problemi Revolucije
author_facet Malatesta Errico
title Anarhiji naproti
title_short Anarhiji naproti
title_full Anarhiji naproti
title_fullStr Anarhiji naproti
title_full_unstemmed Anarhiji naproti
title_auth Anarhiji naproti
series Problemi Revolucije
publisher Graphis
publishDate 1955
physical 77 p. 21 cm
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