Le soldatesse

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Main Author: Pirro Ugo
Format: Book
Published: Milano : Feltrinelli 1956
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id ASF2748
institution Imola
building Archivio Storico FAI - Imola
fullrecord 00287nam0a22001211i 45000010005000001000035000052000018000401010008000582150017000667000023000832100039001066100020001452748 a20110415u u u0frey01031 aLe soldatesse0 aita a134 pd18 cm 1aPirrobUgo9id:120 cMilano : Feltrinellid19569id:9820 aAntimilitarismo
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spelling 20110415u u u0frey0103 Le soldatesse ita 134 p 18 cm Pirro Ugo id:120 Milano : Feltrinelli 1956 id:982 Antimilitarismo
language Italian
format Book
author Pirro Ugo
spellingShingle Pirro Ugo
Le soldatesse
author_facet Pirro Ugo
title Le soldatesse
title_short Le soldatesse
title_full Le soldatesse
title_fullStr Le soldatesse
title_full_unstemmed Le soldatesse
title_auth Le soldatesse
publisher Milano : Feltrinelli
publishDate 1956
physical 134 p 18 cm
topic Antimilitarismo
topic_facet Antimilitarismo
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