Fields, factories and workshops

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Main Author: Kropotkine , Pierre
Other Authors: Woodcock , George
Format: Book
Published: Black Rose Books
Series:Collected Works of Peter Kropotkin
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330 |a Editor's introduction Preface to the second edition Preface to the first edition PREFACE CHAPTER I. THE DECENTRALISATION OF INDUSTRIES Division of labour and integration--The spread of industrial skill--each nation its own producer of manufactured goods--The United Kingdom--France --Germany--Russia--"German Competition." CHAPTER II THE DECENTRALISATION OF INDUSTRIES (continued) Italy and Spain--India--Japan--The United States-- The cotton, woollen, and silk trades--The growing necessity for each country to rely chiefly upon home consumers. CHAPTER III. THE POSSIBILITIES OF AGRICULTURE (Second Half) The development of agriculture--The over-population prejudice--Can the soil of Great Britain feed its inhabitants?--British agriculture--Compared with agriculture in France; in Belgium, in Denmark-- Market gardening: its achievements--Is it profitable to grow wheat in Great Britain--American agriculture intensive culture in the States. CHAPTER IV. THE POSSIBILITIES OF AGRICULTURE (continued) The doctrine of Malthus--Progress in wheat-growing-- East Flanders--Channel Islands--Potato crops, past and present--Irrigation--Major Hallett's experiments--Planted wheat. CHAPTER V. THE POSSIBILITIES OF AGRICULTURE (continued) Extension of market-gardening and fruit-growing: in France; in the United States--Culture under glass --Kitchen gardens under glass--Hothouse culture: in Guernsey and Jersey; in Belgium--Conclusion. CHAPTER VI. SMALL INDUSTRIES AND INDUSTRIAL VILLAGES Industry and agriculture--The small industries--Different types--Petty trades in Great Britain-- Sheffield, Leeds, Lake District, Birmingham--Stastistical data -- Petty trades in France weaving and various other trades--The Lyons region--Paris, emporium of petty trades--Results of the census of 1896. CHAPTER VII. SMALL INDUSTRIES AND INDUSTRIAL VILLAGES (continued) Petty trade in Germany: discussions upon the subject and conclusions arrived at--Results of the census taken in I882, 1895, and 1007--Petty trades in Russia --Conclusions. CHAPTER VIII. BRAIN WORK AND MANUAL WORK Divorce between science and handicraft--Technical education --Complete education--The Moscow system; applied at Chicago, Boston, Aberdeen--Concrete teaching--Present waste of time --Science and technics--Advantages which science can derive from a combination of brain work with manual work. CHAPTER IX. CONCLUSION APPENDIX. A. BRITISH INVESTMENTS ABROAD B. FRENCH IMPORTS C. GROWTH OF INDUSTRY IN RUSSIA D. IRON INDUSTRY IN GERMANY E. MACHINERY IN GERMANY F. COTTON INDUSTRY IN GERMANY G. MINING AND TEXTILES IN AUSTRIA H. COTTON MANUFACTURE IN INDIA I. THE COTTON INDUSTRY IN THE STATES J. MR. GIFFEN'S AND MR. FLUX'S FIGURES CONCERNING THE POSITION OF THE UNITED KINGDOM IN INTERNATIONAL TRADE: K. MARKET-GARDENING IN BELGIUM L. THE CHANNEL ISLANDS--THE SCILLY ISLANDS M. IRRIGATED MEADOWS IN ITALY N. PLANTED WHEAT; THE ROTHAMSTED CHALLENGE O. REPLANTED WHEAT P. IMPORTS OF VEGETABLES TO THE UNITED KINGDOM Q. FRUIT CULTURE IN BELGIUM R. CULTURE UNDER GLASS IN HOLLAND S. PRICES OBTAINED IN LONDON FOR DESSERT GRAPES CULTIVATED UNDER GLASS T. THE USE OF ELECTRICITY IN AGRICULTURE U. PETTY TRADES IN THE LYONS REGION V. SMALL INDUSTRIES AT PARIS W. RESULTS OF THE CENSUS OF THE FRENCH INDUSTRIES IN 1896. X. THE SMALL INDUSTRIES IN GERMANY Y. THE DOMESTIC INDUSTRIES IN SWITZERLAND 
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