Mon communisme

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Main Author: Faure, Sébastien
Format: Unknown
Published: 1921
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id CVN4709
institution Bellinzona (Svizzera)
building Biblioteca del Circolo Carlo Vanza - Bellinzona
fullrecord 00218 a2200109 450000100050000020000190000521000160002460100150004060100150005570000220007099500160009247091 aMon communisme aParisd19211 aAnarchismo1 aAnarchismo aFaure, Sébastien kCVM L2886/R
record_format unimarc
spelling Mon communisme Paris 1921 Anarchismo Anarchismo Faure, Sébastien
format Unknown
author Faure, Sébastien
spellingShingle Faure, Sébastien
Mon communisme
author_facet Faure, Sébastien
title Mon communisme
title_short Mon communisme
title_full Mon communisme
title_fullStr Mon communisme
title_full_unstemmed Mon communisme
title_auth Mon communisme
publishDate 1921
topic Anarchismo
topic_facet Anarchismo
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